Five reasons to LOVE 5 element healing!

I do love the 5 Element perspective on health and healing – in case you hadn’t noticed! As a Complementary Therapist it allows me to work with people in a way that feels positive, supportive and….well, just good common sense. I’ve been pondering this recently and I think (hope) I have it down to 5 simple reasons why this approach feels so right to me……

  • Because it encourages us to be mindful, live in the moment, deal with what IS here and now. What a great way to approach our health and wellbeing!
  • Because it encourages us to be more aware of our bodies, to listen to the subtle messages (symptoms) that they send us, and provides us with the tools we need to gently respond. Fab as preventitive medicine!
  • Because it’s all about balance. Recognising that our bodies are programmed to find their own balance/health and helping them with a nudge back in the right direction when things are out of kilter.
  • Because it overlooks labels, limitations, and judgements. The therapist works with you as an individual – not your illness. What supports one person toward balance/health may not support another. You are unique!
  • Because it encourages us to be creative! There is more than one way to support your body and encourage health and healing! The 5 Element modalities demonstrate this beautifully. I love knowing that I have a great toolbox of healing techniques to choose from.

Now doesn’t that sound like a common sense approach to you? It resonates beautifully for me. And actually works as an approach to life quite nicely too:) I’d love to know what you think. xx

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