My Dorn Story

Dorn Logo Thomas ZudrellMy back had stood up to life pretty well until I became pregnant! But a difficult pregnancy, a tricky epidural and the challenges of motherhood caused it to unravel rapidly.  Fast forward 6 years and I was strangely quite used to the discomfort. Propping my hips up with pillows at night. ALWAYS doing my yoga. Shuffling in and out of bed etc.

Strangely, I would never have said I had a ‘bad back’ I guess it crept up on me and I didn’t realise how ‘adapted’ my life had become, until the day the pain disappeared!

Driving home from my second Dorn treatment my body felt amazing. My hips felt so even in the seat, my spine had a lovely fluid feel to it. Bliss!

That night, I had a very strange night’s sleep. Every time I came to the surface and prepared myself to shuffle my hips into a new, less painful position – I got such a big smile on my face. I could just roll! Effortlessly! It had never occurred to me that comfort would feel so good!

And so life changed. I noticed that I could stand up for long periods of time with out shuffling from foot to foot, I noticed I no longer crossed my legs all the time (in fact it would feel a bit weird to do so) and I noticed that I no longer wanted to twist my spine and hips when I curled up on the sofa. I even had a few complements about my posture!

One other thing…

I’m a bit wary of miracle stories as there is ALWAYS more to them than meets the eye. That’s true in this case too. Of course I didn’t live ‘pain free’ and happily ever after! I did exactly what we would all do – I got used to feeling good and I stopped doing my daily (2 min/day) exercises! Then I noticed I was crossing my legs a little at the ankles. Then I lifted a bag into the car in a funny way…. Well you can guess what happened!

Lesson learnt. A few more Dorn treatments, a renewed effort with my Dorn exercises and things feel good again. It was inevitable really wasn’t it!

Dorn Method treatments are now available in central Exeter, Devon.

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