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“If you’ve never had Reflexology before, it is hard to explain just how deeply relaxing and restorative the treatment can be!”

Reflexology could be helpful for you, if you are looking for:

  • A space to deeply relax, let go of worry and tension, and emerge feeling recharged.
  • A treatment to focus on resolving (or living well with) specific health issues.
  • Or a valuable, confidential space to talk out problems and air feelings.

I particularly aim to support anyone who feels stressed, anxious, or depressed. And anyone who is coping with illness, low energy or pain. Reflexology is a great way to address these all too common challenges to our health, and to begin to turn things around.

Each reflexology treatment focuses on stimulating or sedating reflex points on the foot, which relate to the whole body. So what might simply have been a lovely relaxing foot massage, becomes a treatment for the whole body and mind.

My aim as a Reflexologist is certainly to enable you to deeply relax. But also to listen closely to you and understand any physical or emotional health concerns that you have.

Then, I tailor each treatment you receive, to really focus on reflex points that will support your specific needs, and through this supportive relationship, we can work together towards your better health.

“A Reflexologist sees your whole body reflected in the reflexes of your feet and works those reflexes to create an effect across the entire body – and mind.”