Reflexology – What To Expect

Thinking about visiting a Reflexologist?

Devon based therapist, Nikki Baker MAR, introduces this popular therapy and explains what to expect when you have a reflexology treatment.

Reflexology Exeter DevonReflexology is a wonderfully relaxing form of foot massage, which not only helps us release stress, but also has many health benefits too. Reflexology approaches health and wellbeing by looking at the person as a whole, and seeking to create the optimum conditions for the body to repair, re-balance and heal itself.

When you go for your first Reflexology treatment the Reflexologist will take a history of your health and wellbeing and will invite you to talk to them about what it was that prompted you to book the treatment. People visit a Reflexologist for many reasons….

  • You may need to manage your stress levels better – perhaps for the sake of your health.
  • You may want to try a holistic approach to raise your energy levels, reduce pain, improve sleep or tackle a specific health problem.
  • You may be feeling overstretched, run down, or coping with difficult circumstances.

Once the Reflexologist has explained a little about the treatment, you will be invited to remove your shoes and socks and lay on a massage couch, perhaps covered by a blanket, and maybe with a bolster under your knees to allow the lower back to rest comfortably. It’s important that you feel really comfortable, so that you can fully relax.

Reflexology Exeter DevonThe treatment itself is a specific form of foot massage which stimulates reflex points across the feet. The main thing to say about this is that it is not tickly (or painful). People often worry about this! In fact, the treatment is extremely relaxing. So much so, that you may even fall asleep – which is absolutely fine!

People can and do experience such a wonderful variety of health and wellbeing improvements while receiving a course of Reflexology treatments. As a therapist, my focus is on helping the client to get out of the ‘stress response’ (fight or flight), and on stimulating or sedating reflex points that that promote health, balance, repair and emotional wellbeing.

After the treatment the therapist will advise you to drink plenty of water and to take it easy, in order to get the greatest benefit from the treatment. You may well feel quite different to when you arrived. Deep relaxation shifts us into new thinking patterns, and you may feel very calm and peaceful. My clients also frequently say that they sleep very well after a treatment! If I had to sum up Reflexology? I’d say…

Reflexology is a wonderfully relaxing experience, in a safe environment, where you will be able to let go of stress and allow your body to shift from ‘stress response’ to ‘healing response’.

I offer Reflexology treatments by appointment in central Exeter, and home visits throughout Mid Devon, including Crediton, Tiverton, Silverton, Cheriton Fitzpaine, Witheridge, Cowley, Tedburn, Bow  – and everywhere in between!

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