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Seasonal Treatments for Busy Mums!

Right now is the busiest time of year for many of us, and I suspect that Mums are top of this list! So I’m encouraging you to take a break and treat yourself to a pre Christmas Reflexology massage.

iStock_000000787215SmallThe energy of the winter is all about slowing down, replenishing our energy store and pausing to reflect. But the run up to Christmas rather gets in the way of all this! Reflexology is a wonderful antidote to this seasonal stress, so I’m encouraging you to book a pre Christmas treatment to help you replenish your energy, rebalance your body and get in touch with the more peaceful energy of the season. After all, you deserve to enjoy the festivities too!

And as an extra incentive, there is a little Christmas wellbeing gift for everyone who books a Reflexology treatment between now and Christmas!

Merry Christmas!