The Dorn Method – A New Approach To Backpain

spineIt’s no secret that I am a big fan of this ‘new’ approach to treating back pain. For one thing, the Dorn treatment completely transformed my own back, and in addition, this approach makes a LOT of sense to me as a Complementary Therapist.

It’s all about creating alignment in the body, from the (apparent) length of your legs and the tilt of your pelvis, to the very base of your skull. Freeing up each joint and allowing it to glide back into its natural position. There is no painful manipulation of the joints, instead, the body remains relaxed and gentle movements are made that allow the joints to return to their natural alignment.

Your Dorn practitioner will not only help you to realign your spine, but will also teach you how to avoid ongoing back problems in the future. By learning simple daily exercises (2 minutes a day) you can help your back to realign and stay aligned. The idea is that you don’t need to come back and visit us too often!

And then there are the fringe benefits! Working on spinal alignment has some potentially wonderful side affects because the nerves which eminate from the spine supply the whole body. Not to mention the fact that finally being free from back pain has the potential to improve your energy levels, your moods, your sleep and even your relationships!


“As with all complementary therapies, it’s about creating the perfect conditions for the body to return to its own natural balance.”


Dorn Method treatments are now available in central Exeter, Devon.


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