The Dorn Method – What to expect

Backphoto with LogoA Dorn Treatment begins with a good look at your spine and the (apparent) length of your legs. You will have opportunities to see any differences yourself, and right from the beginning of the treatment you’ll learn ways that you can keep your hips and back aligned.

The Dorn Method does not use manipulation, so there is no clunking or painful adjustments. Instead, the treatment is led by you, the client, who is guided to gently move your legs, arms and head to aid the realignment of each joint.

It’s important that you are comfortable and pain free throughout, so lots of communication between you and the therapist is important. Your therapist will help you learn simple exercises to use at home, and tricks to help avoid future problems.

The idea is that you don’t have to have to come back and see us too often – though of course, you may send your friends!

The treatment ends with a unique Breuss Massage, which is a spinal massage¬†focusing on nourishing and aligning the spine. It’s a very gentle, relaxing and soothing form of massage and is the perfect way to end a Dorn Method treatment. .

Dorn Method treatments are now available in central Exeter, Devon!


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